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The Mini Sessions

mini headshots & portraiture sessions

Mini-Shoots were birthed out of a need to find a convenient way to safely continue photographing during the lockdown. They will remain as a means for me to provide a cost-effective way for my clients to obtain photographs in our reemerging fast-paced world.

* These scaled-down sessions have location & time limitations detailed below.

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[ Perfect for: Headshots / / LinkedIn / / Business Portraits / / Artist Portraits / / Glamour Portraits ]

UES Park Sessions

Headshots & portraits photographed in Carl Schurz Park with beautiful lighting & detailed retouching. Great for Headshots, Business portraits, and Glamour.

UES Street Scene Sessions

Perfect for someone who wants a more contemporary feel to their photographs. Street photos just look cool. Great for headshots, and portraits. Limited to the areas out and around (within a 10-minute walking distance) my studio.


15min | 1 Photo



30min | 2 Photos



45min | 3 Photos



[ Email/Text are my preferred method of communication when scheduling mini-sessions as they provide us both with a referenceable record of communication ]


Do you require a retainer? / / Why do you require a retainer?

Do you require a retainer?
Why do you require a retainer?

In order to secure a session with me, you must provide me with a retainer. This retainer covers my time, the forfeiture of future sessions, and personal schedule adjustments made by me in an attempt to accommodate your specific date/time request. If you do not feel comfortable providing me with a retainer, I am not the photographer for you.

My 50% retainer is due at the time of the session date confirmation and is non-refundable.

Exceptions are made for my clients with sessions that must be canceled due to inclement weather & cannot be rescheduled because they are from out of town.

Will you use these photographs in your portfolio?


Mini-sessions were created & priced with portfolio building in mind & thus: all mini-session photographs are subject to be used on my website/portfolio/social media.

Please note that although a photographer, by law, is able to use any photograph that they take in in their online portfolio/website/social media, I have never done so without the blessing of my client :)

If you do not wish to be in my portfolio, please inform me of this prior to our session.

How do you handle cancelations?

Cancelations made without 48-hour notice will NOT be refunded & a new/additional retainer must be submitted in order to schedule a session with me in the future.

Cancelations that happen with 48-hour notice provided can be rescheduled [ once ].

Where do your sessions take place?

The shooting location for my scaled-down mini-sessions is limited to specific areas in or within a 10-minute walking distance of my personal home studio on the UES. This makes them convenient for me, thus affordable for you.

Carl Schurz Park
UES Street Scenes

You may choose 1 of the 2 aforementioned session locations per mini-session.

For further location specifics/limitations, please inquire.

When will I receive my photographs?

You will receive an online gallery link with all of the photographs from our session within (maximum) two weeks. This gallery will remain available for you to view, select & download your favorite(s) for one month.

What about inclement weather? / / What if it rains, snows...?

In case of rain, we will reschedule. I do not shoot portraits/headshots in the rain. (Unless that is part of the creative vision that we have discussed prior to the shoot.) If you are unable to reschedule because you are coming into NYC from out of town I'll happily refund your retainer.

I am from out of town and will be unable to reschedule. What now?

If the cancelation is being made by me/you due to weather (or if I cancel for any reason), I'm happy to fully refund your retainer.

How many looks can I do?

These scaled-down mini-sessions are no-muss no fuss, and cost-effective therein I limit these to 1 look. No exceptions.

May I have extra photographs?

Yes! If you'd like to receive more photographs than your Mini-Session Collection allows, I'm happy to provide them to you at a fee of $35 per photograph.

May I have additional retouching?

Photographs delivered to you will be fully retouched.

If you desire any further manipulation of your images please feel free to let me know.

Advanced retouching can be provided at an additional cost of $20-$35 per image.

How many locations can I shoot at?

1 location.

The shooting location for my scaled-down mini-sessions is limited to a .3 mile radius of my home studio. This makes them convenient for me, thus affordable for you.

Can you come to my borough?

I do not travel for mini-sessions.

The shooting location for my scaled-down mini-sessions is limited to a .3 mile radius of my home studio. This makes them convenient for me, thus affordable for you.

Exceptions can be made if you have a time limitation or for whatever reason require significantly less shooting time. I'm happy to travel to you for a mini-session with the additional pricing of transit being covered by you in advance.

May I have the raw files?

No. I do not sell or give away any raw (unedited) files. My work is not complete until I edit the image and I do not sell unedited work.


I'm not unreasonable in regards to running late for a photo shoot, I get it. That said, if you are going to be anything more than 10-15 minutes late please let me know as soon as you start to suspect this is going to be the case. You can inform me via text/phone using the phone number provided during the reservation process.

The Reservation Form

[ a small retainer is required to secure session time and will be requested during the confirmation stage of our session ]

* [ If you do not wish for your photographs to possibly be used in my portfolio, please reserve one of my standardly priced sessions. Thank you. ]