I'm August.

I believe freedom & solace dwells in creativity & art-

-& without that outlet, I combust. I'm a music lover (live & otherwise), a lunatic creative (like literally. I’m in therapy though..), an awkward introvert, a hopeful romantic, an obsessive, a night owl, an optimistic pessimist, an uber left-leaning autodidact & an aspiring friend & advocate to/for the "mentally-ill" & life-ravaged, I have & do struggle with the simple act of existence, & have a deep appreciation for those who overcome & blaze through it.

I strive to capture the intense moments in-between. Humans, with all of our flaws and downfalls as a species, fascinate me & I strive to channel that fascination & curiosity into photographs that you can use to look back & reference who you were & perhaps remind you of who you hoped you would be.

I give a fuck, & I sometimes have ridiculously high expectations, it is because of this that I am perpetually disappointed :) That said- I usually find myself in the “land of the good”, at least in regards to the realm of photography... So it works.

august Hartsfield from raleigh nc

I'm a collector & preserver of experiences because I never did enough of that shit for myself, so I'm honored to be able to give that to you. Above all else though, I'm but a reincarnation of who I used to be, a woman who has consistently loved taking photographs of the people and spaces she encountered since her teens. Currently, a photographer seeking unconventional spirits and fellow rebellious hearts to create with.

I'm not a gig-photographer- I'm not a robot with a camera & I prefer clients who appreciate intentional photography or at the absolute least- respect my own personal shooting style/edit, as I cannot shoot any other way. 

Apparently, I can also be quite long-winded.

If any of the above turns you off or makes you think twice- go with that. I'm not for you. If the above resonates with you &/or reminds you of someone you love- please reach out. I'd love to chat.

Warmest regards.

Written & created with ❦

-August Hart

[ If the above resonates with you &/or reminds you of someone you love- please reach out. ]